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We are changing

There’s so much I want to share in these little squares… so much weaving and moving and deep work is unfolding.

You know those seasons where you feel you are pushing a giant rock uphill and you think you’re going nowhere? But then there’s the moment it finally crests the top and the wind that was once working against you is now your friend. That wind becomes your breath, your reprieve as if it’s pushing behind you.

I remember one windy walk on the beach where one step against the wind used all my strength and focus. My stamina was wearing down quicker than usual. But when I finally turned and the wind was now at my back, my one small step was like a lunge forward with little effort. Almost like a skip walk and no energy of my own was used. The work felt light, there was a grace covering it. The wind that was once my resistance was now my helper.

Today on my prayer walk I reflected on transpiring events and I deeply sensed, we are in the turn.

it’s not that the winds are shifting, it’s the direction we were going is changing.

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