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I am not an expert….

She hopped in my car looked over and blurted, “I tried to cancel on you, I am so nervous!” Her honesty was refreshing, it’s how many of us feel. I looked over & laughed but then revealed to her my heart. The truth was, I was nervous too. I have to walk around reading scriptures aloud usually because my stomach is in knots because the resistance to not go is STRONG. If I choose to live by feelings, I’d never go or obey God in many things in my life. But the funny thing, the times I don’t cave to fear/nerves & step out in faith, by the time it’s over I’m on an adrenaline high and can’t wait to go back out again because God shows up.

Stepping out in faith is usually not without fear taunting your soul. You have to train your mind and body to not obey fear.

I am NOT an expert in anything I am doing, I’m just learning as I go. Because I said Lord, here am I send me & he is always faithful to that prayer.

You can often find me prayer-walking the beaches with some zeal telling GOD what my gifts are NOT & naming all my limitations/excuses. God is tender, he listens, but then he gently rebukes me. This isn’t about me (or you) it’s about God’s power. The same God who asks us to place it all on the line in faith just like Abraham, Noah, Joshua, Moses, or David. God likes to part the seas, do the impossible, and show up right when we think it’s actually too late.

The GOD who leads us right to the very point we think we are surely going to drown or as we are sizing up a Giant we deep down believe will completely defeat us because of our lack of tools and strength, THATS when God steps in and shows us that all he ever wanted, to begin with, was our foolish faith to believe HE would actually come and do what he promised. He is the miracle maker who leads us to victory. But we won’t ever see the miracles and God-sized moments if we never step out in faith. We will miss out on experiencing God in deeper ways if fear holds us back.

“David’s weaponry was ridiculous: a sling and five stones. It didn’t matter. God still uses foolish tools in the hands of weak people to build his kingdom. Backed by prayer and his power, we can accomplish the unthinkable.” (Jim Cymbala)

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