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Letters to my Babes // 6 months

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Letters to my Babes. 

Brooklyn and Eliana,

I blinked my eyes and January 25 turned the page in my planner faster than I anticipated. Today marks six sweet months being the mom to you, my little miracle girls. My heart brims with joy as I see your personalities take shape. I’ve laughed more with you and at you the last month that it gives me foretaste of the days and years to come… giggles and belly laughs roaring through our home bringing joy to my heart. 

Even though I drag myself out of bed each morning, once I get to your nursery and peer over your cribs the smiles and joy that greet me melts my morning grumpiness away.  

Brooklyn, my petite fighter. Your fierce spirit keeps you determined and motivated. One day I looked over and  cheered you on as I watched you roll over, and since that day you haven’t stopped flipping. Your eyes light up my heart as you tell me sweet babbling stories, blow bubbles, and reveal that little toothless grin. My heart as a mother has grown because of you my sweet girl. When you were living in my belly, I often was fighting to be the voice for you… “help her” I would utter through tears as we battled to get your growing and since then I haven’t stopped the roaring fight for you. You and I may have a special bond, but you hold the soft spot in your daddy’s heart.

We are still rocking 3 month clothes and weigh 13.6lbs, but that tiny frame holds a mighty girl with a sweet spirit.

Eliana, my laid back chubby cheeked girl. You are the light of the room. Whenever there is a stressful moment of the day, I am sure to find my dimple-grin girl smiling back at me and in that moment the stress disappears. You love to play independently, wiggle, blow bubbles and yell your stories for all to hear. Your wiggle-jig often has me laughing out loud. You have little traits of your daddy that I can’t wait to see develop… I can see it now, you and him will team up to make others laughs with your outgoing personalities. You’ve been working hard teething and have 2 little cute bottom teeth to prove all your hard work gnawing on those fingers. You definitely love your daddy, but you are a mommy’s girl.

We graduated to all our six month clothes and are a healthy 16.3lbs, chubby roles and all:)

On November 17, 2014, before I was ever pregnant I wrote in my prayer journal:

“God I don’t know if I will have twins or even have one child… yet I hope and believe. I pray for these two girls by name. In faith. And I trust you, you already know their names and genders but I am choosing to pray by name for these girls… because I think and dream about them by name all the time. I pray for the life of Brooklyn and Eliana, 2 beautiful girls created by you and absolute miracles. Miracles only by your hand. I dream of my life with them… the future days ahead and I ask victory over infertility that I may get to mother these 2 girls…”

This month I sat through my journals and reread the words I penned before your existence, the promises I believed in the depths of my soul. Page after page begging for your life. And now, as I watch you bud like a flower before my eyes it takes my breath away to think, this is my promise of Brooklyn and Eliana. I dreamed of the mundane days, of singing in the living room, rolling on the floor, bathtimes, reading silly books, holidays together, watching Seahawks games, and rocking you goodnight. It was the ache of the mundane days of motherhood I longed for. I didn’t want flashy moments, I simply wanted a family, a family that did the everyday moments of life together. You were the dream in my heart I stored away all these years.

And here we are living those days out Brooklyn Rene and Eliana Grace, my precious miracles. These 6 months together have filled my heart with greater joy than I dreamed. You are promises my sweet girls, your life on this earth is for so much more than we’ll ever know because you are living breathing, answer to prayers, 6 years in the the making, children of God.


“As streams renew the desert. Those who plant in tears will harvest shouts of joy! They weep as they go out and plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.” Ps 126:4-6





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  1. Cathy Knecht says:

    So glad u r writing again Katie! I look forward to watching your beautiful miracles grow!

  2. Erin Seim Valdes says:

    Beautifully said! We are gonna miss you guys

  3. Bitsy Donham says:

    Thank you for your transparency and sharing God’s miracles with us…. can’t wait for all of you to be in Spokane again! <3 and hugs

  4. Peggy Clark says:

    Beautiful letter. Beautiful girls. Beautiful Mom. I knew when you babysat Annie and Andrew that you would be an amazing mom someday. You were always Andrews favorite…think he had a little crush on you Katie Lallier! (You made the best masks!) Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

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