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Letters to my Babes // 4.5 years just the 4 of us.

Since the twins were born I have been writing letters to them. Usually around their Birthdays or milestones. This year due to extreme morning sickness they didn’t get a 4 year old letter. This month they are 4.5… and before we add Kezia Joy to our family I am writing one last letter to my babes as a family of 4.

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To my twin girlies,

Brooklyn and Eliana, here we are 41 days away from adding Kezia Joy to our family and all I can do is reflect on the last 4.5 years with just the 2 of you. How did we go from premie babes to 4.5 year old girls? I blinked and in an instance you grew up before me. Having twin daughters has been the greatest joy of my life. Watching you 2 grow independently and together has brought more smiles to my face these last few years. This morning as you were at preschool I was reading in Psalms 13:12,

“When hope’s dreams seem to drag on and on, delay can be depressing. But when at last your dream comes true, life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul.”

6 years I longed and dreamed of you… and for the last 4.5 years you’ve become my dream come true! Your little lights shining have been sweetness to my soul.

We are about to embark on a big change as you take on the role of Big Sister to Kezia. There isn’t an ounce of worry or doubt in my soul that you 2 will open your hearts and arms and love her like she’s always been apart of our family, because the truth is, she always has.

I once use to cry over the despair that my home would always be filled with empty rooms and arms. But in God’s faithfulness he has filled my arms with 3 baby girls to love and raise. I went from the girl on the bathroom floor pleading to God to let me have just one baby girl… and he heard my cries and blessed me with 3.

I will never stop thanking him for YOU.

You are real-life-prayers-anwered-living-miracles. Don’t forget that. Our family is one big miracle because HE heard our prayers.


Ellie Grace,

You my sweet girl have grown into an independent and compassionate 4-year old. You LOVE to help and take responsibility! If you can serve anyone in our family, you will rise to the occasion. If you see a need and you take care of it. You make sure Brooklyn is always taken care of and loved. You are like your mama, you have a deep love for animals, you have tender heart for them and sometimes I take the backseat as you go love on your Annie and Diego. 😉  Your imagination keeps me laughing with your intense stories and ideas that become so real to you. Minnie Mouse is never far from your reach as you take her on many of your adventures. You started preschool this year and you LOVE it… you love to learn, draw, read and be with your preschool friends. Your love for clothes and fashion cracks me up…. you love picking out Brooklyn and I’s outfits and find your personality shine in your own array of outfits you dress in.

I know Ellie that you will thrive in your role as big sister. You already tell me you can’t wait to dress up Kezia and take care of her. Ellie, you are loyal… but you make others earn your loyalty. I sometimes think that you won’t immediately accept Kezia. You will be a skeptic, stand back and analyze the situation before you accept her. And once you do, I know you will think I’ve brought a real life baby doll home just for you to dote on.

Ellie Grace, your dimple grin swoons this mama heart. I love you sweet girl. You may be daddy’s girl, but you’re mama can’t stop chasing you down to kiss those sweet cheeks.


Brooklyn Rene,

You my sweet girl have grown leaps and bounds this year, as you put so much hard work into learning and growing. You love your preschool friends and have adjusted so well to trying new things that make you anxious. My sweet Brooke, you are a ray of sunshine, there are no strangers in your world. You love to chat and make new friends wherever you go. I love how you welcome anyone in with love and compassion. Brooklyn you are like your mama, you feel emotion deeply and are so concerned how others feel, always ready to give a hug. Yet you have the humor of your daddy, imitating noises and making others laugh with your silliness.

I know when Kezia arrives you will cherish her immediately with kisses and snuggles. But I am already preparing myself for you to unravel every time she cries or needs me. You tell me how excited you are to be a big sister and I can’t wait to see you grow into that role.

Brooklyn Rene, you have a way to my heart, I love you sweet girl, I hope you never stop needing your mama 😉


Girls, as you grow and become little girls, no longer my babies, I pray you be fearless and courageous. That you live out your stories, shining brightly wherever you go. May you know your are fearfully and wonderfully made, created for a time just as this. May you live empowered by the Spirit, ready to overcome and walkthrough whatever challenges life may bring with fire and boldness. I pray you know God can and will do MORE than you can ever ask or imagine. You are strong and brave, don’t let anyone steal your delight and joy.

Love Always and Forever, your mama.

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