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Faith is letting go

Faith sounds pretty sometimes. But really faith can get gritty and exposes our hearts.

Faith has these testing moments, when you think you’ve got it, suddenly you realize a deeper level of trust in God is being confronted.

True faith can feel like you’re standing fully exposed, naked before the Lord in questions and tears.

Every obedient yes you give requires a new level of obedience.

We can’t box God in or script life in a way we want God to work…. he asks to give it all up. The expectations, the religion of rules, the mindset that we obey at one level and that’s all we’re required to do.

Like Abraham, his YES to God wasn’t the only yes. Once he obeyed, it then led to a deeper level of trust.

Abraham’s faith has stretched and challenged me. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his promised son, there’s a part where Abraham’s got to be thinking, this is contradictory to what you just told me, God! How does this make sense?!

But where Abraham’s faith has stirred me and where I’ve wrestled in, is Abraham gets to a point where he SO believed God was God – that he lets go of logic and believes God can raise Isaac back from the dead.

To have radical obedience and walk-in pure faith- is to let go of logic and place what’s most beloved on the altar when it contradicts what our minds comprehend.

Gods taking faith from our head straight to the heart! When we have fire in our soul that loves God & will that stand bare at the altar holding all confusion & most important treasures in life, BUT says ok, I will believe you….I BELIEVE God is going to fulfill his promise because it’s HIS! It becomes a belief that empties us of ourselves and reminds us—-it’s God’s reputation!

When we get to that “Isaac on the altar” moment, he has our pure hearts. He can use us because we’ve come to a place that we truly let go of it all. When we say, I’ll sacrifice the most important people, things, whatever it may be in our lives, and trust you’ll come through God.

Faith DEMANDS we lose logic at some point and believe God can raise the dead! Whether that’s Abraham believing God could raise his son Isaac… which ultimately foreshadows to God asking us to believe he raised his own son, Jesus, from the dead.

It’s not an intellectual agreement, it’s all about the heart. When he knows he’s got our bottom-of-the-barrel trust and love, then that faith of mustard seeds gives way to birthing promises far greater than we can imagine or dream.

Faith requires letting go, which gives way to true LIFE!

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